Never bring up anything that has to do with a past ex. This is guaranteed to cause a fight. It is the ultimate taboo conversation. Honesty and open relationships are great, but some things should be kept in the closet. Don’t risk damaging a good relationship by mentioning meaningless times from the past.

1) Don’t ever talk about him. Even if what you’re saying is uncomplimentary, it will still have a negative effect. You’re bringing him up hints that he’s still on your mind.

2) Never say how good he was at anything. Doing this will create unnecessary anxiety and feelings of inadequacy with your guy.

3) Avoid telling him about intimate and special moments that you and your ex shared. Yes, it’s important that he knows about you. And, yes, he needs to learn to deal with his insecurities. But…why make him insecure in the first place? Is it really that important for him to know everything about you?

4) Never mention your sexual past…especially if it was good. If your boyfriend asks you what it was like or how good it was, lie if you have to. Say it wasn’t all that.

5) Avoid telling stories or reminiscing about events that involved your ex…even if the story has little to do with him. Examples are: “I went to a great restaurant once…” or “Last year I went to this amusement park and had a great time…” or “I went to the beach last summer…”

Observing these 5 basic principles that will ensure that the quality of your relationship reaches its full potential. If you haven’t been following these general rules up to this point, you probably don’t know what the true quality of your relationship could be. And, you’ve probably got a boyfriend with a lot of pent up anger, frustration, and insecurity. If that’s the case, then you can turn over a new leaf today and get things headed in the right direction by making a few changes in the way you’ve been acting.

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